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At Sylvia Jessup Counseling Services, we take a holistic approach to healing and growth. Our treatment sessions are person-centered, attentive to you, the individual, couple, or family as a unit. We will work together to complete your therapeutic counseling needs. Using a combination of various approved therapies, the focused approach will be on you.  I am committed to integrating my Christian faith with compatible psychological perspectives. My spiritual viewpoint is integrated with the perspectives of family systems. Whether we include discussion of the spiritual dimension of life in our time together will be up to you.


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A Happier, Healthier You

Acknowledging the need for, and making that first step to get professional help can get you on the road to regaining the strength to becoming a healthier you.

Winning Together

Counseling for couples in all stages of their relationship. If you are seeking pre-marital counseling, marital sessions, or counseling for couples dating or co-habituating, We are here to work with you.

Here For You

At Sylvia Jessup Counseling Services, we work to implement various methods designed to help develop new thinking towards life’s most complex matters with the people who matter most.

Quality Care

Group therapy is often helpful to allow you to be able to normalize your internal battle. Having the opportunity to share with others and experience their stories can be very valuable.

T. Williams

Coming into therapy has helped me begin a journey to find my self-worth…


Sylvia has helped restore my sense of self and our journey together has helped me reclaim my life…

Sophia M.

Sylvia Jessup is such a genuine, intelligent and perceptive therapist…


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